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Are You Looking For a Cold Climate Pool Heat Pump?

When you live in the Albany, Troy, Clifton Park, Saratoga and surrounding area of NY, you know that you have a limited swimming pool season due to the cold climate. Many customers opt to add a pool heat pump but when most pool heat pumps do not work at temperatures lower than 50ºF, many ask what is the use. NE AirWater Products has worked tirelessly researching cold climate pool heat pumps that would be a perfect fit for our customers. We are so very proud to bring these U.S. AirWater cold climate pool heat pumps to the Northeast region market. These great cold climate pool heat pumps will start to work in ambient air temperatures as low as 38ºF! We have partnered with this customer-focused, innovative company to bring you the very latest technology for these cold climate pool heat pumps for a multitude of reasons, the first of which is obvious, to extend your swimming pool season even more by adding a pool heat pump to your backyard pool.

We Are Proud To Announce That We Are Now The Only U.S. AirWater Products Distributor In The Northeast!

NE AirWater Products is always striving to bring you the very best products for everyday application to your pool and your home.  We have worked diligently for years now to establish ourselves and gain the status as a certified dealer for U.S. AirWater Products. As of 2017 we have finally earned this status and are proud to be a flagship distributor as we are currently the only distributor in the Northeast to offer these products!  It is important to understand that the private pool owner cannot just purchase one of these cold climate pool heat pumps for themselves.  You see, U.S. AirWater Products has always worked with the understanding that their products are best installed by a professional that has been qualified by U.S. AirWater Products. We are proud to announce that we have passed the training and qualifications set forth and we are able to purchase and install your new pool heater.

NE AirWater Products stands behind these products and this company as they hold true to many of our core values.  U.S. AirWater products pride themselves on building long-term customer relationships with their customers by:

 providing them with unique, high quality, innovative products and superior customer service. Our customers know that we support them and work hard to help them in their success. U.S AirWater Products has formed a “Team Spirit” that is rarely found between a manufacturer and its customers.

Why Choose NE AirWater Products?

The number one reason to trust NE AirWater Products is that we are committed to bringing you the very highest in quality.  NE AirWater Products is always working as smart as possible with the goal or delivering the highest quality installation of all of our products.  U.S. AirWater Products operates with one goal in mind when they manufacture their signature products and that is the highest quality and delivering the most highly innovative swimming pool heat pump product in the pool industry.  In fact, U.S. AirWater Products believes that quality, innovation and a high level of customer service should be a hallmark of their company.

What other features make U.S. AirWater Products the best in the industry?  We are glad you asked. Here are just a few more reasons to choose NE AirWater Products as your local distributor and installer:

  • Our combined knowledge extends back decades
  • We both have an unmatched customer approach, our customers are number 1
  • U.S. AirWater heat pumps are built from the “cold up”.  These are the first and only heat pumps for cold climates to achieve 38-degree low-temperature performance certification
  • U.S. AirWater Products will never sell to internet resellers but instead work directly with their dealers and invest in these dealers to make sure that they always have the newest information and highest level of training, now that is a company WE want to work with!

Each and every unit is 100% run tested and performance tested before it leaves our factory. It is our tradition to manufacture products that exceed expectations.   -U.S. AirWater Products

But What Is The Ultimate Reason To Add A U.S. AirWater Products Heat Pump To Your Pool?!

Well, these amazing pool heat pumps will start to work 12 degrees lower than your traditional pool heat pump!  What does that mean?  It means that you can open your pool much earlier and stay open much later in the swimming season because it is designed to work even at lower temperatures than traditional pool heat pumps!  Most heat pumps will only work at a minimum of 50ºF.  U.S. AirWater Products has created a pool heat pump that operates at a minimum outdoor air temperature of  38ºF.

Standard Features:

  • Intelligent Micro-Processor Control with EasyView Display is capable of monitoring, analyzing and controlling your heat pump. Smart features include: Simple push-button operation, large and bright LED display, automatic temperature controls, automatic defrost, spa timer, digital lock code, built-in service analyzers, built-in compressor protection, and remote system compatibility.
  • Titanium Heat Exchanger is backed by a lifetime warranty. U.S. AirWater’s Titanium Heat Exchanger design features the latest advancement in heat exchanger technology. Its enhanced tubing design gives 3-4 times the surface area compared to standard round tube heat exchangers, which equals more Btu’s per hour of heat transfer. The coaxial design allows pool water and refrigerant to flow in opposing directions, making it the most efficient heat exchanger available. The 100% pure commercial grade titanium is impervious to harsh pool chemicals.
  • Ultra Quiet Design The USAW Heat Pump Quietly heats or cools your pool with sound levels as low as 50Db, almost silent from 10ft away. Our exclusive UltraQuiet airflow system features a silencing fan top, integrated electronically commutated fan motor (150), forward-sweeping fan blades, compressor sound shield and vibration isolators to help deliver quiet operation by maximizing airflow and minimizing vibration.
  • Protected from the Weather. U.S. Air Water’s UltraQuiet Heat Pumps are engineered to last. Coastal environments and inland weather can be detrimental to the life of your heat pump. Weatherproof construction is important, that’s why every unit is seacoast treated, every coil is coated, and every heat pump is constructed from non-corrosive, UV resistant materials.
  • Rapid Defrost (HC) uses the hot gas from the compressor discharge to defrost the evaporator coil. This is the most efficient way to defrost as heat is added directly into the evaporator coil tubes giving effective defrosting at a very rapid pace. Frost insulates the evaporator coil surface which increases its resistance to heat transfer. This insulating effect, along with the restriction of airflow across a frosted evaporator, means decreased capacity and reduced efficiency. RAPID DEFROST maintains the evaporator’s optimal heat-transferring ability.
  • Heat, Cool or Heat•Cool, it’s your choice. Just set your Ultra Quiet Heat and Cool Heat Pump to Heating, Cooling or Auto and let it automatically heat or cool to maintain the temperature you enjoy.

Why buy a cold climate UltraQuiet heat pump?

We support our dealers and promise to never offer on the internet!  We offer innovative and unique products that are unparalleled performance and efficiency that are guaranteed to sell to your customers.


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